Rules Editing & Consulting

I'm Sam Hillier, and I'm passionate about teaching and explaining board games.  I want to put this passion to work for you, by providing rulebook editing and writing services.

A well-written and easy-to-follow rulebook gets players immersed in your game and excited to play.  Clear and concise writing teaches them the rules easily, so they can focus on having fun at the table.

I have over 15 years of academic and professional writing experience that I want to put to work for you.  I specialize in clear, concise, explanatory prose that is designed to convey technical subject matter to general audiences in an accessible manner.

I'll work with you to enhance the clarity and focus of your rulebooks, improving readability and ease of learning.  This is a collaborative endeavor, where I will work with you to develop the prose in a way that best explains your game.


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I am available for podcasts, blogs, and other forms of gaming media. Drop me a line; I’d love to work with you!

Why a consulting Philosopher?

As a philosopher, and a business consultant, I need to make my points precisely, with no room for misinterpretation. I excel at working with, and explaining, intricate details like systems of formal logic, collective agreements, and board game rulebooks.

I can identify and explain interconnections of ideas across disciplines, and get general audiences excited to learn.

My writing is clear, concise, focused, and effective. I can bring your rulebooks to the same level, and I can also help you focus your ideas, develop designer diaries, and explore the game theoretic consequences of your ideas.


I want to work with you to ensure your rulebook is the best it can be.  I offer comprehensive editing, proofing, and writing services tailored to your individual project.  I will make sure that your rules are presented in a clear, concise, and effective manner, with consistent style and grammar throughout.  I will review the phrasing of the rules, as well as their overall structure and flow, ensuring that they are an effective tool for learning and reference.  

This is a collaborative process: I need to work closely with you, the designer, to ensure that I am presenting your rules correctly.  With my assistance, your rulebook will be greatly improved.


  • My rate is $20 per standard manuscript page (250 words), payable via PayPal (in US funds). For a quick “sanity check,” it is $5 per page

  • Expected turnaround time varies from project to project, but is typically 7 - 14 days

  • I will need a set of prototype rules, including any game components with rules on them (e.g. cards, player boards)

  • A fully playable prototype would greatly help in crafting rules and devising examples

  • A cost estimate will be provided mid-project, once the scope of the work is clear

  • A final invoice will be provided prior to completion of the project

  • Complimentary copies of completed games are greatly appreciated

Canadian Designers/Publishers: my rates for you are in Canadian funds, not USD
— Proudly serving the Canadian board game design industry